Keepin’ It Real

If you’ve been wondering why there has been no Consanguinity post in awhile, this passage in Hebrews might help explain it:

For it is by it [faith] the people of old received God’s commendation […] (the world was not worthy of them); they wandered in deserts and mountains and caves and openings in the earth (Hebrews 11:2, 38).

I was stunned when I read this verse in my quiet time the other morning, when I realized that Matt does all of these things. Although it may not be fair to equate him with the patriarchs, it’s at least worth thinking about (Katie and Jeremy, I have just one word for you: owltar). Matt has been pretty busy the last few weeks, which is the main practical difficulty that we anticipated when we started this blog. Don’t hold it against my big brother, though. Instead, just remember how AMAZINGLY COOL he is. When I think about how cool my older brother is, and about how he actually does the things that I only dream about doing, I’m almost willing to suggest that I’m actually not worthy of the consanguineous bonds between us. Unfortunately for him, though, we’re brothers, and there really isn’t anything that he (or Elizabeth) can do to change that fact.

Anyway, while Matt has been exploring the deserts, mountains, caves and openings in the earth (what exactly is the difference between a cave and a hole in the ground, anyway–perhaps Matt can enlighten us about this one), this is what Allison and I have been up to:




This is what I like to call “keepin’ it real.” Notice, however, that in spite of the fact that we look like we’re just chillin’, that there is a book in the background. It has to be Allison’s book, too, since I just finished my second physics paper, yes, the same one that I was supposed to write three years ago, the one that has been hanging over my head for so long and that I must write in order to graduate. The fact that I had just finished that paper and e-mailed it to Dr. Stewart is why we appear so relaxed. Anyway, you all can relax, too, since it looks like this gangsta is going to graduate after all.

The other good news from this week is that Allison and I were accepted as members of Wycliffe on Monday. We’re pretty excited about it, although it’s hard to be really that excited about anything when you have a thesis to write (for Allison, that is). We even have new e-mail addresses ( and Yeah, it’s actually that official. I know that it’s hard to reconcile the above picture with the category of missionary in your mind, but it’s true, irrespective of what you are inclined to think.

Allison and I have also really been enjoying our new jobs at Lightbearers. It has been a real change for both of us. We actually get to work at a desk, make phone calls, and feel somewhat important, not to mention the bottomless jar of chocolate on April’s desk. For me, you’d be safe to say that I’m having the best semester of my college experience; for Allison you’d be equally unsafe in saying the same. If you ever wonder what an average day for me is like, just open the closest non-English dictionary that you can find and spend about an hour there. I have been spending a lot of time in my Latin-English dictionary this semester, loving every minute of it. Anyway, I should probably end this post while I’m still ahead, since I know that you, as readers, can only handle so much of this kind of ranting. We really appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

James, the younger brother


4 Responses to Keepin’ It Real

  1. Ann (Mom) says:

    Maybe an opening in the earth isn’t big enough to be classified as a cave. Except, if that is the case, I don’t think people could “wander” in them.

  2. Matt says:

    James makes it sound like I haven’t been posting because I’ve been too busy playing. While it is true that I spent the last two weekends in the Sierras (caving and backcountry skiing), this is only a small fraction of what has kept me from posting. Class has been very busy over the last two weeks (with a mid-term and several assignments due). Also I recently gave a caving talk to the Stanford Alpine club and also last week taught a class for the Outdoor Education Program on mountaineering. This weekend was a mountaineering trip with the OEP class, so it was only sort of playing. We got a bunch of fresh snow as a big storm moved through this weekend. This kept us from being able to get very far up the mountain.

    On a different note, what is “owltar?” I did a google search on it and was surprised to find that the first hit was our blog. Obviously it’s something pretty obscure. You can be expecting a post from me following our “religion and politics” thread sometime in the next few days.

  3. Matt says:

    P.S. That is one of my favorite Bible verses.

  4. Bob Creson says:

    Congratulations on joining the family! Dallas and I will look forward to seeing you at a future Training Camp. You’re in for a great adventure, and we’ll pray you here to Orlando.

    Bob Creson

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