Dueling Birthdays

Well, the May family birthday madness has come and gone, ending with Grandmother Shirley’s birthday yesterday. The May birthdays are May 8 (Carol and James), May 13 (Katie), May 15 (Me), and May 16 (Grandmother). I didn’t miss anybody did I? In honor of the birthday madness, and in order to not be outdone by James, I’ve composed my own little birthday ditty. I figure I might as well engage in some brotherly competition and bask in the glory of being better at my bluegrass instrument than James is at his…because it probably won’t last very long. This also provided a good excuse to use the new digital recorder I bought a few weeks ago. Click on the link below to download the song.

Dueling Birthdays

or for a smaller compressed file (the above is 28 megs) try this link:

Dueling Birthdays (mp3)

-Matt, the elder brother


3 Responses to Dueling Birthdays

  1. ريناد says:


    في مترجم ..؟


  2. NoPockets says:

    Hey, that’s pretty good. I liked the ‘all in one’ approach.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Y’all really need to come visit Bristol, TN – the supposed birthplace of bluegrass. There’s a museum and everything!

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