A Wild Beast of the Wood

We’ve enjoyed the last year of living up in the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  It’s been a nice respite from the giant pulsing populace of humanity that surrounds us.  We’ll be moving out of our apartment in the woods this weekend and down into Redwood City.  However, as I finished my last few days in the apartment (where I normally work) I got a treat.  I was sitting on my bed working on my laptop when I saw something moving out the window.  About 20 feet from the house, in broad daylight, a coyote was working his way across the yard.  He stopped right in front of the window long enough for me to get this shot.  Unfortunately, the flash went off and created a haze on the window.

I then dashed outside and hid out quietly to get a few more shots. Eventually he saw me, but didn’t seem too worried and continued to go casually along his way.  We see these guys all of the time at night, but it was strange for him to be so bold in the middle of the day.  Elizabeth says a coyote actually ran at her car (like some dogs do) just the other night, and that he had very similar coloring.

-Matt, the elder brother


7 Responses to A Wild Beast of the Wood

  1. katieannrogers says:

    I didn’t realize you were moving out so soon. I had similar experiences with a coyote out at the farm … it came practically right up to me in the broad daylight several times. I actually had to ‘chase’ it off several times because it was getting frightfully close. Maybe they just get curious sometimes.

  2. Cheno says:

    Brother, i like where your head is at, but you NEED TO CHECK YOUR FACTS! The bible clearly states in literal language that coyotes come out all the time in the middle of the day! In fact, i have a broadly overgeneralized web-reference right here for you……

    I hope that was funny,

    P.S. nice pictures

  3. Carol says:

    Are you both close to being done with your degrees? I know Elizabeth was concerned about finishing on time because of all the extra work she was having to do. How soon will you be moving back this way?
    Samuel would love to see a coyote. We saw a toad coming back from the bathhouse out camping, and he exclaimed, “Wow! I finally got to see a wild animal!”

  4. James says:

    Allison and I saw a family of raccoons the other morning on our way to breakfast. They looked really dirty, and one of them had bed-head.

  5. Matt says:

    We’re making good progress toward finishing. I plan on defending in mid August, and will probably be moving to Minnesota in late August or early September. Elizabeth probably won’t finish until October.

    That’s hilarious what Samuel said. Maybe you really need to get him outside more.

  6. Carol says:

    We saw a bunch of deer earlier in the day, and he seemed not to care at all. I guess frogs and toads are just more fun for little boys? After all, he couldn’t really catch a deer, but he sure tried to catch the toad!

  7. rasiheartart says:

    We see deer all the time in our yard – sometimes six at a time! There is even a black bear roaming the neighborhood. Several folks have gotten pictures, but I haven’t seen it. No coyotes though . . .

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