It’s kinda cold out….Well yer darn tootin’

We’ve finally gotten more or less settled into our house in Saint Paul.  Over the last week things have taken a turn for the cooler.  We’re experiencing our first temperatures that even the hardened Minnesotans think are pretty cold.  We’ve had two mornings this week with temps around -20 F, and today it barely eeked its way up to zero.  Saturday and Sunday will be a welcome change if the forecasted highs in the positive 20’s are correct.  I had wondered what it would be like to be outside in -20 F.  In my experiences so far it doesn’t seem like there was much qualitatively different from temps around zero (though of course the cold seeps in more quickly).  The one real difference I did notice was in breathing -20 F air.  If you breathe in too quickly then you get a strong cough reflex (or at least Elizabeth and I do).  Seems like exercising hard in that sort of temperature would be interesting.  Maybe your lungs would get used to it.  I would probably just get asthma.

Today when we went out to run an errand, I couldn’t get the truck to start.  The syrupy oil in the engine just bogged it down too much.  Luckily our car reluctantly started and we went on our merry way.

Now that I am starting to emerge from the chaos that has been my life over the last 6 months, I expect that I can be more diligent in my posting.  In fact I have experienced plenty of blog-worthy moments over the last 6 months.  Over the next few weeks I plan on unleashing a barrage of personal updates to catch up.  This may mean that the blog will be a bit weighted to me rather than James for a while unless he wants to reciprocate.  Sometime in the next week I will start by releasing the next installment of our current fiction project.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Here’s a photo of Elizabeth after we shoveled the walk in our front yard.  The snow is piling up.

Front yard

7 Responses to It’s kinda cold out….Well yer darn tootin’

  1. James says:

    You know, I got kinda cold last night, too. I think it got below freezing again. Go figure.

  2. Ann says:

    It got REALLY cold here! Our low one morning this week was below 10 degrees, and the high Thursday was only 20. I can’t imagine 20 below zero!

  3. Susan says:

    We are jealous of the snow. It was cold here (<10) this week, but NO SNOW! It’s sort of like always winter with no Christmas . . .

  4. Ann says:

    I agree about the snow. If it is going to be cold, there ought to be some snow!

  5. James says:

    What is even worse is if it snows and it’s not cold…because then it might as well not even have snowed in the first place.

  6. Maria Montessori always said that there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. I tend to agree. (To an extent.) I often get a little hot at the farm when I’m working outside and it’s below 20 degrees. Hot enough that I take off my hat and gloves.

    I for one, love the cold but I’m just weird. I can see the cough reflex thing, though. I would say exercising in severe cold would be ill advised, asthma or not. It seems like a great way to get a nosebleed.

  7. By the way, we’ve been using the phrase “yer dern tootin'” quite a bit around here. And we saw a preview for a movie that had Marge in it believe it or not.

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