St. Patrick’s Day

In Bulgarian, Денят на Свети Патрик [denjat na zveti patrik] means St. Patrick’s Day, and рожден ден [rozhden den] means birthday.  In America, I happen to know someone who has a рожден ден (‘birthday’) on денят на Свети Патрик (‘St. Patrick’s Day’).

The day is March the seventeenth; the year’s two-thousand ten,
And on this day ‘ere fifty-four years, a new life did begin.
She was her mother’s first to bear, her father’s baby girl,
She brought such joy into their life, that bright new shiny pearl.

But that’s not how I think of her, this object of my verse,
Because the way I’ve known her is exactly the reverse.
That’s cause she is my mother, who gave my life to me,
Who’s always loved me, and still does, though I’m across the sea.

I wish that I could be with you on this St. Patrick’s Day,
But since I can’t, nor could I be, I’ve got something to say:
One can plainly see you’re great , as far as mother’s go,
But as for me, you are the best, the only one I know.

-James, the younger son


3 Responses to St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Ann says:

    Thank you! I’ve read a lot of “birthday verses” in greeting cards in my 54 years, but this one definitely tops them all! Also, I’m glad I stayed around long enough to realize that there were also some “out takes” to the video. I love you! Thanks for the special start to my day!

    • James says:

      Yeah, I kept screwing up while making that video. I think the most irritating one was when the alarm went off on my phone. That was the kitchen timer for the granola cereal Allison was making in the oven. It was mostly irritating, because I think it was the first time through, and I was about to get through it without laughing. After that I got the giggles.

  2. Carol says:

    Soooooooooooo sweet!!!! So, do I get a birthday buddy poem???

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