Crazy Cat Lady

Our last two days in Houston have been really fun. Mommy and I have gotten to hang out a lot with Katie and Jeremy and seen quite a bit of the area in and around their new neighborhood. Last night, mom, Katie, and I took Cabela (Katie’s dog) on a walk down the greenbelt, which was nice and relaxing.

Today, we girls have been shopping. We started out at a saddlery where I bought myself a nice saddle because Katie is moving hers down here so that she can keep riding. Then we quite happily went back to IKEA. We spent several hours shopping there and we bought a desk for Katie’s office that we decided wouldn’t be able to fit into the car the other day.  We were very right. It turned out to be quite the task to get the two boxes in the car, and I ended up squished between them in the back. You can see what it was like in the video below that I took on the drive home (which also contains Katie’s lovely singing and dancing…)

We also shopped at a mall that’s a short ways from Katie’s house and at a Stein Mart. This evening, we all ate out at an Asian place called Pei Wei (pronounced “Pay Way”, not “Pee Wee” as mom tried to say it). It’s the same as P.F.Chang’s, except you order your food at a counter, and the prices are much lower. After dinner, we toured The Woodlands, which is a planned community north of Cypress. We walked along a river in downtown, looking at the interesting fish and the water fountains. The weather was very nice, and we had a lot of fun.

Now we’re all pretty exhausted and headed for bed. I’m definitely going to be sorry to have to leave tomorrow. Katie says she wants us to stay here forever, and I can’t say that I’d mind (until the heat sets in). They’ve moved into a very nice area with lots of things to explore, and there is never a dull moment with my sister. I expect you’ll be hearing more from her about her new life in Houston pretty soon. Until then, these videos should give you a pretty good idea what a loopy sister I have, and you can see her and her cats being crazy together.

– Lisa, the younger sister


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