Easter Sunday in Faytown

Hello out there, siblings! As Christians, Easter Sunday is a very important day for us. It’s a day to remember how God loved us so much that he sent his son down to us to take the punishment for all of our sins. I’ve been going through the book “Living the Cross Centered Life” in my college leadership group this semester, and God has really been teaching me a lot through that book about just how much it meant for Jesus to have all of God’s wrath for every single sin that we’ve ever done poured out onto his head and then to be completely separated and forsaken by God in his deepest hour of need. And he did it all because he loved us so much that he wanted us to be able to say that God will never ever forsake us like that, and so that we can be called his beloved instead of his enemies. I guess from growing up in church I’d gotten passive about the cross because it seems like we talk about it all the time and I was like, “Yeah, yeah, let’s get on to the rest of the Bible”, but I’m beginning to realize that the cross is what we should be most passionate about. There is nothing more awesome than what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross, and we should be exuberant about spreading this wonderful news and increasing his glory.

On a slightly more secular note, I thought you might like to see some of Easter Faytown-style. I invited two of my friends, who live too far away to go home for Easter, to spend the night last night and celebrate today at lunch with us. Last night we had a great time blowing and dying eggs for decorations (and we watched some Scarecrow and Mrs. King, which is quickly becoming a tradition of ours). We were joined by another one of my friends, an exchange student from South Korea, today at lunch as well. We had a very delicious meal and then hid eggs for the Huneycutt children to find. Here is a video of our adventures:

Matt, Katie, and James, I hope you had equally blessed Easters, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

– Lisa, the younger sister


One Response to Easter Sunday in Faytown

  1. James says:

    I enjoyed the video. Of course, I enjoy every chance I get to see my cousins, although it hurt my feelings when Hannah wouldn’t say “hi” to me. We had a nice lunch at the church and got to visit with some people. The Dolans gave us a a ride home in their new car (yeah!), and Allison made a really nice dinner last night with salmon, potatoes and vegetables. We also watched some more of the 24 that the Huneycutts sent us.
    On a more serious note, though, I remember when I was in high school, for several years I grew hard to the gospel and considered it “basic”. I wanted to get on the to the meatier teachings. Fortunately at some point in college, maybe my Freshman year, God really softened my heart to the gospel again. It is both the sweetest and the deepest message you could ever hear.

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