Easter with the Rogers’ Family

This Easter, for the first time in my life, I was away from “the Fayetteville Stuff” as Matt would have put it as a three-year old. Easter has always been a day that includes church, a family lunch, sibling photos, Easter egg hunts, and lots of activity. So, with all of that missing this year, it seemed fitting for Jeremy and I to start up a new tradition for the two of us. Obviously, cooking lots of food (and deviled eggs, yumm-O!) and hiding eggs for one another, we decided to strike up a fairly health-conscious Easter tradition of going hiking. This time of the year in Houston, the weather is generally good with mildly warm temperatures, so it is one of the better seasons for hiking. We haven’t had the chance yet to scope out any of the nearby state/national parks and preserves, so we headed north to Conroe to see the Sam Houston National Forest and to go hiking with just the two of us.

The forests around here are dominated by pine trees, so the trails are flanked by wooded areas that are more open than what I’m used to in Northwest Arkansas, since the trees don’t have any lower branches. I do have to admit that I really like pine forests – they seem very regal and serene. The roads in the forest are mostly gravel/dirt roads and then there are small pull-outs where the trails begin so you can park there and then go hiking. We couldn’t find any master maps of the trails themselves, so we just had to stumble upon them along the way. The weather was perfect with some cloud cover to keep it from getting too hot, although the temps are up in the 80’s already. We had a really good time and I look forward to choosing next year’s hiking spot.

As a side note, I left the sound out of most of the video because (in the Jeep) it was so loud from the road noise. You can see the original sound profile below, just to get an idea of how noisy it really was. And with all the copyright issues with songs on YouTube these days, I figured it was probably easiest just to leave it silent altogether, so I recommend kicking off iTunes and picking your own soundtrack for the movie. I think anything from classical to jazz to peppy would complement the film quite well.

– Katie, the older sister


2 Responses to Easter with the Rogers’ Family

  1. Lisa says:

    Nice post…Good job keeping the video to perfect B2.0 length!

  2. […] You can see pictures that I took below and a video of our fun-filled afternoon on my sibling site, Consanguinity. I think that covers most of the high points of what we have been up to since moving to […]

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