Politics and Religion Series

Below is an archive of our first topic series, in which we treat various subjects pertaining to politics and religion. The series begins with building a Biblical basis for government, and then we move on to treating particular hot topics in the political arena today. (The indented posts are a direct response to the previous post).

En Garde: Church And State

James: 23 January 2008

Attaque: What’s in a Government?

An exploration of the purpose of government, including an analysis of the Biblical view and the United States Constitution.

Matt: 3 February 2008

Government: The Greatest Lawgiver
James: 6 February 2008

Civil Disobedience: A Tale of Two Laws

James: 10 February 2008

When is it okay to break the law? How can with use the Biblical examples of Daniel, Peter and John among others, as well as the historical example of Martin Luther King to understand a Christian response to unjust legislation?

What’s Wrong with the Religious Right?

A critical look at the agenda of the religious right looking at concerns about public witness, consistency, and ultimate loyalty.

Matt: 1 March 2008

A Response to “What’s Wrong with the Religious Right?”James: 7 March 2008

Cold War Déjà Vu: Is Terrorism the New Communism?

James: 11 March 2008

Americans aided right-wing governments in Latin America fight against Communist insurrectionists during the Cold War, which implicitly involved us in massacres and other atrocities. Is the War in Iraq now being fought for similar political reasons. Hopefully we can learn from our past mistakes and conduct this war in such as way that we will not regret our actions in the decades to come.

A Response to “Cold War Déjà Vu: Is Terrorism the New Communism?”Matt: 22 March 2008

Global Warming is a Life Issue

Matt: 11 April 2008

An argument that global warming is comparable in importance to other “life” issues such as abortion, and that in any case it should be part of the Christian agenda. Comments bring people out of the woodwork.

Giving Torture the Silent Treatment

James: 23 April 2008

Torture has not gotten much publicity from the Evangelical Right, who are trying to “look the other way” due to its moral inconvenience. This post provides a moral argument against torture, summarized from David Gushee’s new book The Future of Faith in American Politics.

A Response to “Giving Torture the Silent Treatment”Matt: 29 March 2008


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