Science and Religion Series: Creation

Here we discuss various issues related to the beginning of the universe from both a scientific and a Biblical perspective. To catch up on where we’ve been, read the posts below and stay tuned for our latest posts in the series.

This series started way back in 2008, and we are picking it up again in early 2010. Our focus will be on discussing the barriers to, perceived or real, between evangelical Christianity and evolution. This is in part motivated by a new series of papers put out by the Biologos Foundation last fall.

A Creation Story

Matt: 10 May 2008

A Response to “A Creation Story”

James: 16 May 2008

A Call for Scientific Evidence for Young Earth Creationism

Matt: 14 May 2008

Well…it all started like this, you see…(Part I)

A look at early Jewish and Christian thought on how to interpret the Genesis creation account. The earliest Christians defended a position of allegorical interpretation (vs. literal interpretation), arguing that God did not create the world in a literal six days. They appear to have been more interested, however, in the theological message of Genesis rather than the scientific one.

James: 3 June 2008

Creation: The Story from Science (Part I – Astronomy)

Matt: 17 June 2008

A Response to “Creation: The Story from Science (Part I – Astronomy)”

James: 17 June 2008

Well…it all started like this, you see…(Part II)

Founded on the Biblical emphasis that arose out of the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century, and partially in reaction to the emergence of Darwinism and evolutionary anthropogeny of the 19th century, young-earth creationism has become en vogue in Christian fundamentalist circles today. As discussed by Part I of this topic, it was not the dominant view for the first 3/4 of Church history.

James: 23 June 2008

Looking at the Text: Part I

The creation account in Genesis has a certain cosmogony-genre.  It uses repetition and seems to be written differently from other more historical passages in the Pentatuch.  This internal evidence for a non-literal/scientific interpretation of Genesis 1 is examined in this post.

James: 9 September 2008

Creation: The Story from Science (Part II – Geology)

Matt: 26 September 2008

Looking at the Text: Part II

Why did Moses write Genesis, and how did his temporal perspective affect his writing?  This post argues that Moses wrote Genesis as a backdrop for Exodus, the focus of his narrative, the deliverance of Israel from Egypt and their establishment in the promised land (fulfilling the Abrahamic covenant).  This serves as evidence that Genesis 1 should be interpreted thematically in terms of how it fits into the overall plot, and not scientifically/literally.

James: 2 October 2008

Entre la Espada y la Pared

With this post we started up our relgion and science series again. Here, I discuss the perceived conflict between the world of Christianity and the world of science. Particularly, I note that the discussion has become polarized, or at least we most often hear from the most extreme views. I note the middle ground, that so often is ignored.

Matt: 11 January 2010

The Tower of Babel, The Babel of Science, and the Science of Truth: My Response.

James: 21 January 2010

Why Evangelicals (allegedly) can’t be Evolutionists

James: 23 January 2010

This post summarizes a paper by Bruce Waltke entitled “Barriers to Accepting the Possibility of Creation by Means of an Evolutionary Process”.  In this paper, Waltke discusses a survey he conducted among seminary professors asking them to evaluate various 11 different statements in terms of constituting a barrier to accepting evolution.

More Stats, a Response to “Why Evangelicals (allegedly) can’t be Evolutionists”

Matt: 27 January 2010

Mystery, History, and America: factors behind the science/religion friction

Matt: 3 February 2010

A discussion of Mark Noll’s essay, “Evangelicals, Creation, and Scripture,” focusing on several of the philosophical and historical factors that have resulted in the current friction between science and religion.

In response: The 19th Century Liberal Theology that sparked 20th Century Fundamentalism

James: 7 February 2010

Answers to Christian’s Questions about Evolution: summary and response (Tim Keller)

James: 9 February 2010

This post discusses Tim Keller’s paper “Creation, Evolution and Christian Laypeople” and addresses four popular points of conflict between Christianity and Evolution in the minds of everyday laypeople.


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